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From Alessandro Benedetti <>
Subject Re: simple test on solr 5.2.1 wrong leader elected on startup
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2015 15:42:21 GMT
Hi Matteo,

On 15 October 2015 at 16:16, Matteo Grolla <> wrote:

> Hi,
>       I'm doing this test
> collection test is replicated on two solr nodes running on 8983, 8984
> using external zk
> 1)turn OFF solr 8984
> 2)add,commit a doc x con solr 8983
> 3)turn OFF solr 8983
> 4)turn ON solr 8984
At this point 8984 will be elected leader, because only element in the
cluster, it can not do anything to recover, so it will not replicate Doc x

> 5)shortly after (leader still not elected) turn ON solr 8983
I assume that even if you are not able to see it, actually the leader
election was already starting, not taking in consideration 8983

> 6)8984 is elected as leader
As expected

> 7)doc x is present on 8983 but not on 8984 (check issuing a query)
This is expected as well.

It is a very edge case, but i expect at the current status, the behaviour
you are obtaining is the expected one.
Probably the leader election should become smarter, for example, any time a
node came back to the cluster it should be checked, and in the case it
should be the leader a new election triggered.
Just thinking loud :)

> attached are the logs of both solr
> BTW I'm using java 1.8.045 on osx yosemite and solr 5.2.1 seems much
> slower to startup than solr 4.10.3. it seems waiting on something

I can not see any attached file, do you have any suggester in place ?
Anyway is weird as I assume you kept the solrconfig.xml the same.
Can you list the components you are currently using ?



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