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From Markus Jelsma <>
Subject Trouble making tests with BaseDistributedSearchTestCase
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2015 09:28:45 GMT
Hello - i am trying to create some tests using BaseDistributedSearchTestCase but two errors
usually appear. Consider the following test:

  @ShardsFixed(num = 3)
  public void test() throws Exception {

    index(id, "1", "lang", "en", "text", "this is some text");
    index(id, "2", "lang", "en", "text", "this is some other text");
    index(id, "3", "lang", "en", "text", "more text");
    index(id, "4", "lang", "en", "text", "just some text");

    QueryResponse rsp;
    rsp = query("indent", "true", "q", "*:*");
    assertFieldValues(rsp.getResults(), id, 1, 2, 3, 4); 

Executing the above text either results in a: IOException occured when talking to server at:
Or it fails with a curous error: .response.maxScore:1.0!=null

The score correctly changes according to whatever value i set for parameter q.

I have checked other tests that extend BaseDistributedSearchTestCase but many are just as
plain simple as the test above. Any idea as to what i am missing?

Many thanks!

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