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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Understanding SOLR 5.3.0
Date Thu, 17 Sep 2015 14:42:54 GMT
On 9/16/2015 3:47 PM, vetrik kumaran murugesan wrote:
> Can you please help me understand the following usage of below mentioned
> jar files, in apache Solr 5.3.0,
> 1. Tagsoup 1.2.1
> 2. Junit4-ant v 2.1.13
>  3. com.googlecode.juniversalchardet v1.0.3
> 2.  Is it right to ask , can we rebuild  solr 5.3.0 without/replacing
> above mentioned  files?

Those jars are not used in the core of Solr at all.  They ARE included
in the binary download, for reasons outlined below:

The tagsoup and juniversalchardet jars are only used in the "extraction"
contrib, which is the add-on capability for Solr to extract text from
rich documents like Word, PDF, etc.  The junit4-ant jar is used by the
build system for Solr tests, and it is also used by the Solr test framework.

In order for Solr to build from unmodified source code, these jars will
be downloaded with ivy and must be present, but if you wanted to alter
the build system so the extraction contrib and the test framework were
not built, and if you never run the tests, you could probably exclude them.

Upayavira asked a very relevant question ... what are you actually
trying to accomplish?  This feels a little bit like an XY problem ...
and the Y is not very well-defined.


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