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From Don Bosco Durai <>
Subject Re: dataDir config
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2015 10:33:21 GMT
I also feel having dataDir configurable helps deployments in enterprise
easy. Generally software are installed in root disk e.g. /opt/solr and if
the data folder is within it, then it will require root drive to be
expanded as Solr index increases or need to be optimized, etc. Having data
folder configurable gives an easy option to store the indexes on another
drive and manage it independently of the OS drive. SLAs can be also more
predictable with dedicated hard drive or SSD...



On 7/15/15, 1:35 AM, "Shawn Heisey" <> wrote:

>On 7/14/2015 4:05 PM, Steven White wrote:
>> Thank you Erick and Shawn.
>> I needed to separate the data from the Solr application so that Solr
>>can be
>> uninstalled / reinstalled / upgraded without impact on the data or the
>> configuration of the core.  I did some more research and found it here:
>>  The "-s" parameter will let me tell Solr where my index should be
>> created.  This works great and I will use it unless if someone tells me
>> way, here is why".
>Placing the solr home (which is what the -s option controls) outside of
>your Solr installation directory is a good idea, for exactly the reasons
>you state.  That's a step that I recommend for almost all users.
>Changing the dataDir is a more advanced config option, one that has a
>few pitfalls for inexperienced users, so it's not a good idea to mess
>with it unless you completely understand it.
>I think you're probably in good shape.  Good luck with your setup!

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