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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: dataDir config
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2015 22:35:22 GMT
On 7/14/2015 4:05 PM, Steven White wrote:
> Thank you Erick and Shawn.
> I needed to separate the data from the Solr application so that Solr can be
> uninstalled / reinstalled / upgraded without impact on the data or the
> configuration of the core.  I did some more research and found it here:
>  The "-s" parameter will let me tell Solr where my index should be
> created.  This works great and I will use it unless if someone tells me "no
> way, here is why".

Placing the solr home (which is what the -s option controls) outside of
your Solr installation directory is a good idea, for exactly the reasons
you state.  That's a step that I recommend for almost all users. 
Changing the dataDir is a more advanced config option, one that has a
few pitfalls for inexperienced users, so it's not a good idea to mess
with it unless you completely understand it.

I think you're probably in good shape.  Good luck with your setup!


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