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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: Please help test the new Angular JS Admin UI
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2015 14:39:58 GMT
Gaaah, that'll teach me to type URLs late on Sunday!

Thanks Upayavira!

You'll notice that 5.2.1 just had the release announcement posted,
so let the fun begin!


On Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 4:12 AM, Upayavira <> wrote:
> Slight correction, the url, if running locally, would be:
> Http://localhost:8983/solr/index.html
> The reason we need your help: there is so much to the admin UI that I
> cannot possibly have created the test setups to have tested it all. If
> there are aspects of the UI you rely upon, please try them out on 5.2.1
> - any bugs we don't find could persist long enough to be annoying and
> inconvenient.
> Likewise, the sooner we can finish testing, the sooner we can do some
> fun things:
> * revamp the UI to be cloud friendly, e.g. Create and manage collections
> * update schema browser to allow you to update your schema
> * improve query tab to be able to prettily display your search results,
> e.g.
>    - graphical explains viewer
>    - parsed query debugger
> * and much more
> If enough people engage with testing, I will publish a zip file you can
> unpack on top of your 5.2.1 zip to clear up any bugs that have been
> found so far.
> Keep the bug reports coming!!
> Upayavira
> On Mon, Jun 15, 2015, at 01:53 AM, Erick Erickson wrote:
>> And anyone who, you know, really likes working with UI code please
>> help making it better!
>> As of Solr 5.2, there is a new version of the Admin UI available, and
>> several improvements are already in 5.2.1 (release imminent). The old
>> admin UI is still the default, the new one is available at
>> <solr_ip:port>/admin/index.html
>> Currently, you will see very little difference at first glance; the
>> goal for this release was to have as much of the current functionality
>> as possible ported to establish the framework. Upayavira has done
>> almost all of the work getting this in place, thanks for taking that
>> initiative Upayavira!
>> Anyway, the plan is several fold:
>> > Get as much testing on this as possible over the 5.2 time frame.
>> > Make the new Angular JS-based code the default in 5.3
>> > Make improvements/bug fixes to the admin UI on the new code line, particularly
SolrCloud functionality.
>> > Deprecate the current code and remove it eventually.
>> The new code should be quite a bit easier to work on for programmer
>> types, and there are Big Plans Afoot for making the admin UI more
>> SolrCloud-friendly. Now that the framework is in place, it should be
>> easier for anyone who wants to volunteer to contribute, please do!
>> So please give it a whirl. I'm sure there will be things that crop up,
>> and any help addressing them will be appreciated. There's already an
>> umbrella JIRA for this work, see:
>> Please link any new
>> issues to this JIRA so we can keep track of it all as well as
>> coordinate efforts. If all goes well, this JIRA can be used to see
>> what's already been reported too.
>> Note that things may be moving pretty quickly, so trunk and 5x will
>> always be the most current. That said looking at 5.2.1 will be much
>> appreciated.
>> Erick

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