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From kingofhypocrites <>
Subject Division with Stats Component when Grouping in Solr
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2015 14:30:32 GMT
I am migrating a database from SQL Server to Cassandra. Currently I have a
setup as follows:

- Log data in Cassandra
- Summarize data in Spark and put into Cassandra summary tables
- Query data in Solr

Everything fits beautifully until I need to do stats on groups. I am hoping
to get this to work with Solr so I can stick to one database, but I am not
sure it's possible.

If I had it in SQL Server, I could do it like so:
    SUM(visits) as visits, 
    CONVERT(DECIMAL(13, 3), SUM(bounces)) / SUM(visits) as bounce_rate, 
    SUM(pageviews) as pageviews,
    CONVERT(DECIMAL(13, 3), SUM(pageviews)) / SUM(visits) as
    site_id = 55 AND date_key >= '20150606' AND date_key <= '20150608'
    site_id, keyword 

Now I need to replicate this in Solr. The closest I could get to this is by
using the Stats component and then using field collapsing.

And here are some results I get back:

However, I need to do able to divide certain metrics. I tried including
functions in the stats.field such as div(sum(bounce_rate), (sum(visits)) but
it doesn't recognize the functions. Also it seems to ignoring the paging for
the stats results and returns all groups regardless.

Ultimately I'd like something like this which is what I would get in SQL: 

Is this possible or do I have to give up on the prospect of using Solr? I
have to query this data dynamically so I can't pre-summarize all of it.

To clarify I having the following two problems:
- Paging is ignored for stats data
- I can't figure out how to divide two stats together to get a third stat.
Note: In some cases I would need to be able to sort on this combined stat

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