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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Problem indexing, value "0.0"
Date Thu, 28 May 2015 21:08:42 GMT
Here's the error I am getting on Solr 4.9.1 on a production server:

ERROR - 2015-05-28 14:39:13.449; org.apache.solr.common.SolrException;
org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: ERROR: [doc=getty36914013] Error
adding field 'price'='0.0' msg=For input string: "0.0"

On a dev server, everything is fine.

There are only a few tiny differences.

Production Solr: 4.9.1, CentOS 6, Oracle JDK 7u72.
Production build (SolrJ): CentOS 6, Oracle JDK 7u72, SolrJ 5.1.0.

The production solr and production build are running on different servers.

Dev Solr: 4.9.1, CentOS 7, OpenJDK 7u79.
Dev build (SolrJ): CentOS 7, OpenJDK 7u79, SolrJ 5.1.0.

The dev solr and dev build are on the same server.

The two build programs are running the same SolrJ code.  The code is
compiled locally by JDK that runs it.


Initially, price was an "int" field - TrieIntField with precisionStep
set to 0.

Because we are planning a change on this field in the database to
decimal, I tried changing the price field on both solr servers to double
-- TrieDoubleField with precisionStep set to 0.  This didn't fix the
problem.  Dev was still fine, production throws the exception shown. 
The source database is still integer ... so why is it showing "0.0" as
the value?



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