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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Delete document stop my solr 5.0 ?!
Date Mon, 04 May 2015 12:58:16 GMT
On 5/4/2015 3:19 AM, Bruno Mannina wrote:
> All work fine but each Tuesday I need to delete some docs inside, so I
> create a batch file
> with inside line like this:
> /home/solr/solr-5.0.0/bin/post -c docdb  -commit no -d
> "<delete><query>f1:58644</query></delete>"
> /home/solr/solr-5.0.0/bin/post -c docdb  -commit no -d
> "<delete><query>f1:162882</query></delete>"
> ......
> .....
> /home/solr/solr-5.0.0/bin/post -c docdb  -commit yes -d
> "<delete><query>f1:2868668</query></delete>"
> my f1 field is my key field. It is unique.
> But if my file contains more than one or two hundreds line, my solr
> shutdown.
> Two hundreds line shutdown always solr 5.0.
> I have no error in my console, just Solr can't be reach on the port 8983.
> Is exists a variable that I must increase to disable this error ?

As far as I know, the only limit that can affect that is the maximum
post size.  Current versions of Solr default to a 2MB max post size,
using the formdataUploadLimitInKB attribute on the requestParsers
element in solrconfig.xml, which defaults to 2048.

Even if that limit is exceeded by a request, it should not crash Solr,
it should simply log an error and ignore the request.  It would be a bug
if Solr does crash.

What happens if you increase that limit?  Are you seeing any error
messages in the Solr logfile when you send that delete request?


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