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From tuxedomoon <>
Subject Re: Reindex of document leaves old fields behind
Date Thu, 21 May 2015 14:26:57 GMT
>> let's see the code.

simplified code and some comments

1.  solrUrl points at leader 1 of 3 leaders, each with a replica  
2.  createSolrDoc takes a full Mongo doc and returns a valid
3.  I have done dumps of the returned solrDoc and verified it does not have
the unwanted fields

    SolrServer solrServer = new HttpSolrServer(solrUrl);                   
    SolrInputDocument solrDoc = solrDocFactory.createSolrDoc(mongoDoc,
    UpdateResponse uresponse  = solrServer.add(solrDoc);

>> issue a query on some of the unique ids in question
SolrCloud is returning only 1 document per uniqueKey

>> Did you push your schema up to Zookeeper and reload 
>> (or restart) your collection before re-indexing things? 
no.  the config was pushed up to Zookeeper only once a few months ago.  The
documents in question were updated in Mongo and given an updated
create_date.  Based on this new create_date my SolrJ client detects and
reindexes them.

>> are you sure the documents are actually getting indexed and that the
>> update 
>> is succeeding?
yes, I see a new value in the timestamp field each time I reindex  

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