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From Vincenzo D'Amore <>
Subject Re: solr 4.8.0 update synonyms in zookeeper splitted files
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2015 01:13:53 GMT
Hi Shawn, 

Thanks again for the answer. I'm not using implicit document routing. I have restarted all
the nodes (tomcat stop/start), but after a couple of days or even less, we have again random
results (sometimes).
If I have different replicas of my index with different settings, how can I restore definitely
the situation? Should I remove and create again all the replicas?
I was even thinking, this problem maybe is due to a bug, I could upgrade to 4.10. But how?
Could I stop a node, upgrade solr and start it again?

> If numFound is changing when you run the same query multiple times, there is one of two
things happening:
> 1) You have documents with the same uniqueKey value in more than one shard.  This can
happen if you are using implicit (manual) document routing for multiple shards.
> 2) Different replicas of your index have different settings (such as the synonyms), or
different documents in the index.Different settings can happen if you update the config and
then only reload/restart some of your cores.  Different documents in different replicas is
usually an indication of a bug, or something going very wrong, such as OutOfMemory errors.
> Thanks,
> Shawn

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