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From Per Steffensen <>
Subject Re: Securing solr index
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2015 07:24:19 GMT
That said, it might be nice with a wiki-page (or something) explaining 
how it can be done, including maybe concrete cases about exactly how it 
has been done on different installations around the world using Solr

On 14/04/15 14:03, Per Steffensen wrote:
> Hi
> I might misunderstand you, but if you are talking about securing the 
> actual files/folders of the index, I do not think this is a 
> Solr/Lucene concern. Use standard mechanisms of your OS. E.g. on 
> linux/unix use chown, chgrp, chmod, sudo, apparmor etc - e.g. allowing 
> only root to write the folders/files and sudo the user running 
> Solr/Lucene to operate as root in this area. Even admins should not 
> (normally) operate as root - that way they cannot write the files 
> either. No one knows the root-password - except maybe for the 
> super-super-admin, or you split the root-password in two and two 
> admins know a part each, so that they have to both agree in order to 
> operate as root. Be creative yourself.
> Regards, Per Steffensen
> On 13/04/15 12:13, Suresh Vanasekaran wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We are having the solr index maintained in a central server and 
>> multiple users might be able to access the index data.
>> May I know what are best practice for securing the solr index folder 
>> where ideally only application user should be able to access. Even an 
>> admin user should not be able to copy the data and use it in another 
>> schema.
>> Thanks
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