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From Bruno Mannina <>
Subject Re: Solr 3.6, Highlight and multi words?
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2015 18:24:20 GMT
Dear Charles,

Thanks for your answer, please find below my answers.

ok it works if I use "aben" as field in my query as you say in Answer 1.
it doesn't work if I use "ab" may be because "ab" field is a copyField 
for abfr, aben, abit, abpt

Concerning the 2., yes you have right it's not and but AND

I have this result:

<lst  name="DE102009043935B3">
     <arr  name="tien">
       <str>&lt;em&gt;Bicycle&lt;/em&gt;  frame comprises holder, particularly
for water bottle, where holder is connected</str>
     <arr  name="aben">
       <str>#CMT# #/CMT# The&lt;em&gt;bicycle&lt;/em&gt;  frame (7)
comprises a holder (1), particularly for a water bottle</str>
       <str>. The holder is connected with the&lt;em&gt;bicycle&lt;/em&gt;
 frame by a screw (5), where a mounting element has a compensation</str>
       <str>  section which is made of an elastic material, particularly a&lt;em&gt;plastic&lt;/em&gt;
 material. The compensation section</str>

So my last question is why I haven't <em></em> instead having colored ?
How can I tell to solr to use the colored ?

Thanks a lot,

Le 01/04/2015 17:15, Reitzel, Charles a écrit :
> Haven't used Solr 3.x in a long time.  But with 4.10.x, I haven't had any trouble with
multiple terms.  I'd look at a few things.
> 1.  Do you have a typo in your query?  Shouldn't it be q=aben:(plastic and bicycle)?
> 2. Try removing the word "and" from the query.  There may be some interaction with a
stop word filter.  If you want a phrase query, wrap it in quotes.
> 3.  Also, be sure that the query and indexing analyzers for the aben field are compatible
with each other.
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> From: Bruno Mannina []
> Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2015 7:05 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Solr 3.6, Highlight and multi words?
> Sorry to disturb you with the renew but nobody use or have problem with multi-terms and
highlight ?
> regards,
> Le 29/03/2015 21:15, Bruno Mannina a écrit :
>> Dear Solr User,
>> I try to work with highlight, it works well but only if I have only
>> one keyword in my query?!
>> If my request is plastic AND bicycle then only plastic is highlight.
>> my request is:
>> ...../select/?q=ab%3A%28plastic+and+bicycle%29&version=2.2&start=0&row
>> s=10&indent=on&hl=true&hl.fl=tien,aben&fl=pn&f.aben.hl.snippets=5
>> Could you help me please to understand ? I read doc, google, without
>> success...
>> so I post here...
>> my result is:
>> ....
>>   <lst  name="DE202010012045U1">
>>      <arr  name="aben">
>>        <str>(EP2423092A1) #CMT# #/CMT# The bicycle pedal has a pedal
>> body (10) made from&lt;em&gt;plastic&lt;/em&gt; material</str>
>>        <str>, particularly for touring bike. #CMT#ADVANTAGE : #/CMT#
>> The bicycle pedal has a pedal body made
>> from&lt;em&gt;plastic&lt;/em&gt;</str>
>>      </arr>
>>    </lst>
>>    <lst  name="JP2014091382A">
>>      <arr  name="aben">
>>        <str> between&lt;em&gt;plastic&lt;/em&gt;  tapes 3 and
3 having
>> two heat fusion layers, and the two&lt;em&gt;plastic&lt;/em&gt; 
>> 3 and 3 are stuck</str>
>>      </arr>
>>    </lst>
>>    <lst  name="DE102010000740A1">
>>      <arr  name="aben">
>>        <str>  elements. A connecting element is formed as a hinge, a
>> flexible foil or a flexible&lt;em&gt;plastic&lt;/em&gt;  part.
>> #CMT#USE</str>
>>      </arr>
>>    </lst>
>>    <lst  name="US2008276751A1">
>>      <arr  name="aben">
>>        <str>A bicycle handlebar grip includes an inner fiber layer and
>> an outer&lt;em&gt;plastic&lt;/em&gt; layer. Thus, the fiber</str>
>>        <str>  handlebar grip, while the&lt;em&gt;plastic&lt;/em&gt;
>> layer is soft and has an adjustable thickness to provide a
>> comfortable</str>
>>        <str>  sensation to a user. In addition,
>> the&lt;em&gt;plastic&lt;/em&gt;  layer includes a holding portion
>> coated on the outer surface</str>
>>        <str>  layer to enhance the combination strength between the
>> fiber layer and the&lt;em&gt;plastic&lt;/em&gt;  layer and to
>> enhance</str>
>>      </arr>
>>    </lst>
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