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From Tom Evans <>
Subject Setting up SOLR 5 from an RPM
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2015 16:00:23 GMT
Hi all

We're migrating to SOLR 5 (from 4.8), and our infrastructure guys
would prefer we installed SOLR from an RPM rather than extracting the
tarball where we need it. They are creating the RPM file themselves,
and it installs an init.d script and the equivalent of the tarball to

We're having problems running SOLR from the installed files, as SOLR
wants to (I think) extract the WAR file and create various temporary
files below /opt/solr/server.

We currently have this structure:

/data/solr - root directory of our solr instance
/data/solr/{logs,run} - log/run directories
/data/solr/cores - configuration for our cores and
/opt/solr - the RPM installed solr 5

The user running solr can modify anything under /data/solr, but
nothing under /opt/solr.

Is this sort of configuration supported? Am I missing some variable in
our that sets where temporary files can be extracted? We
currently set:




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