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From Per Steffensen <>
Subject Re: rough maximum cores (shards) per machine?
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2015 15:32:49 GMT
On 25/03/15 15:03, Ian Rose wrote:
> Per - Wow, 1 trillion documents stored is pretty impressive.  One
> clarification: when you say that you have 2 replica per collection on each
> machine, what exactly does that mean?  Do you mean that each collection is
> sharded into 50 shards, divided evenly over all 25 machines (thus 2 shards
> per machine)?
>    Or are some of these slave replicas (e.g. 25x sharding with
> 1 replica per shard)?
No replication. It does not work very well, at least in 4.4.0. Besides 
that I am not a big fan of two (or more) machines having to do all the 
indexing work and making sure to keep synchronized. Use a distributed 
file-system supporting multiple copies of every piece of data (like 
HDFS) for HA on data-level. Have only one Solr-node handle the indexing 
into a particular shard - if this Solr-node breaks down let another 
Solr-node take over the indexing "leadership" on this shard. Besides the 
indexing Solr-node several other Solr-nodes can serve data from this 
shard - just watching the data-folder (can commits) done by the 
indexing-leader of this particular shard - will give you HA on 
service-level. That is probably how we are going to do HA - pretty soon. 
But that is another story
> Thanks!
No problem

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