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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Data indexing is going too slow on single shard Why?
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2015 14:03:54 GMT
On 3/25/2015 5:03 AM, Nitin Solanki wrote:
>             Please can anyone assist me? I am indexing on single shard it
> is taking too much of time to index data. And I am indexing around 49GB of
> data on single shard. What's wrong? Why solr is taking too much time to
> index data?
> Earlier I was indexing same data on 8 shards. That time, it was fast as
> compared to single shard. Why so? Any help please..

There's practically no information to go on here, so about all I can
offer is general information in return:

I looked over the previous messages that you have sent the list, and I
can find very little of the required information about your index.  I
see a lot of questions from you, but they did not include the kind of
details needed here:

How much total RAM is in each Solr server?  Are there any other programs
on the server with significant RAM requirements?  An example of such a
program would be a database server.  On each server, how much memory is
dedicated to the java heap(s) for Solr?  I gather from other questions
that you are running SolrCloud, can you confirm?

On a per-server basis, how much disk space do all the index replicas
take?  How many documents are on each server?  Note that for disk space
and number of documents, I am asking you to count every replica, not
take the total in the collection and divide it by the number of servers.

How are you doing your indexing?  For this question, I am asking what
program or Solr API is actually sending the data to Solr.  Possible
answers include the dataimport handler, a SolrJ program, one of the
other Solr APIs such as a PHP client, and hand-crafted URLs with an HTTP


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