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From Darin Amos <>
Subject Multivalu field grouping
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2015 16:33:22 GMT
Hi All,

I sent an email out earlier but I didn’t get any responses so I thought I would try to reframe
the question. 

I have a problem that I believe multivalued field grouping is the perfect answer for, of course
since SOLR doesn’t support multivalued field grouping, I need to find an alternate approach.
Or perhaps someone has found a way to do multivalue field grouping.

My client is an ecommerce firm and lets says they have a category page Where they want to
show ALL shirts, but the results are grouped by a subcategory, tee-shirt, sweater, tec....
If he subcategory is a single value field this works fine, but a product document could belong
to multiple categories. Perhaps there is a “Popular” or “Trendy” category that a production
would also belong to.

My gut tells me this is a perfect fit for grouping on multi valued fields, and I can’t think
of another way to solve this easily without finding a completely new way to index.



*PS: For example, I would want my results returned like the below (simplified):

All Shirts:
	- Trendy
		- Tee Shirt 1
		- Tee Shirt 2
		- Sweater 1
		- Sweater 2
	- Tee Shirts
		- Tee Shirt 1
		- Tee Shirt 2
		- Tee Shirt 3
		- Tee Shirt 4
	- Sweaters
		- Sweater 1
		- Sweater 2
		- Sweater 3
		- Sweater 4

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