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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Solr Document expiration with TTL
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2015 17:09:11 GMT

: If your expire_at_dt field is not populated automatically, let's step
: back and recheck a sanity setting. You said it is a managed schema? Is
: it a schemaless as well? With an explicit processor chain? If that's
: the case, your default chain may not be running AT ALL.....

yeah ... my only guess here is that even though you posted before that you 
had this configured in your defaut chain...

    <processor class="solr.processor.DocExpirationUpdateProcessorFactory">
      <int name="autoDeletePeriodSeconds">30</int>
      <str name="ttlFieldName">time_to_live_s</str>
      <str name="expirationFieldName">expire_at_dt</str>

...perhaps you have an update.chain=foo type default param configured for 
your /update handler?

* what does your /update <requestHandler/> config look like?
* are you using the new <initParams/> feature of solr? what does it's 
config look like?

: So, recheck your solrconfig.xml. Or add another explicit field
: population inside the chain, just like the example did with
: TimestampUpdateProcessorFactory :

yeah ... that would help as a sanity check as well ... point is: we need 
to verify which chain you are using when adding the doc.

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