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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Adding new core to solr cloud?
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2015 20:27:34 GMT
On 2/10/2015 1:01 PM, Jakov Sosic wrote:
> Hi guys
> I need to add a new core to existing solr cloud of 4 nodes (2 replicas
> and 2 shardS), this is the procedure I have in mind:
> 1) stop node01
> 2) change solr.xml to include new core (included in tomcat configuration)
> 3) add "-Dbootstrap_conf=true" to JAVA_OPTS
> 4) start tomcat on node01
> Now, I know this should push configuration for even existing cores, but
> I don't mind cause configuration didn't change for quite a bit.
> After this, I plan to remove "-Dbootstrap_conf=true" from node01
> JAVA_OPTS and restart it again, and after the cloud stabilizes, do steps
> 1), 2), and 4) on remaining nodes.
> What do you think, am I missing something?

Here's how the workflow should actually work:

1) If necessary, upload the config (a directory containing
solrconfig.xml, schema.xml, and any other config files referenced by
those) to zookeeper with the upconfig action on Solr's zkcli script.

2) Send a CREATE action with the Collections API, referencing the config
with collection.configName, and including important parameters like
numShards, replicationFactor, and possibly maxShardsPerNode.

That's it.  If the CREATE action succeeds, the collection will be
immediately available and cores will be added to nodes as required.


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