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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Running Multiple Solr Instances
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2015 08:04:43 GMT
On 1/5/2015 9:31 PM, Nishanth S wrote:
> I  am running  multiple solr instances  (Solr 4.10.3 on tomcat 8).There are
> 3 physical machines and  I have 4 solr instances running  on each machine
> on ports  8080,8081,8082 and 8083.The set up is well up to this point.Now I
> want to point each of these instance to a different  index directories.The
> drives in the machines are mounted as d/1,d/2,d/3 ,d/4 etc.Now if I define
> /d/1 as  the solr home all solr index directories  are created in /d/1
> where as the other drives remain un used.So how do I configure solr to
>  make use of all the drives so that I can  get maximum storage for solr.I
> would really appreciate any help in this regard.

You should only run one Solr instance per machine.  One instance can
handle as many indexes as you want to run.  Running multiple instances
will waste a fair amount of system resources, and will also make the
entire setup a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

If you don't plan on setting up RAID (which would probably be a lot
easier to manage), here's an idea:

Set up the solr home somewhere on the root filesystem, then create
symlinks under that which will be the instance directories, pointed to
various directories under your other mount points.  When Solr starts, it
should begin core detection at the solr home and follow those symlinks
into the other locations.  I'm not aware of any problems with using
symlinks in this way.

If you're running SolrCloud, that can be a little more complicated,
because creating a new collection from scratch will create the cores
under the solr home ... but you can move them and symlink them after
they're created, then either reload the collection or restart Solr.
Just be sure that no indexing is happening when you begin the move.


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