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From Jorge Luis Betancourt González <>
Subject "Contextual" sponsored results with Solr
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2015 18:28:14 GMT
Hi all,

Recently I got an interesting use case that I'm not sure how to implement, the idea is that
the client wants a fixed number of documents, let's call it N, to appear in the top of the
results. Let me explain a little we're working with web documents so the idea is too promote
the documents that match the query of the user from a given domain (wikipedia, for example)
to the top of the list. So if I apply a a boost using the boost parameter:


I get *all* the documents from the desired host at the top, but there is no way of limiting
the number of documents from the host that are boosted to the top of the result list (which
could lead to several pages of content from the same host, which is not desired, the idea
is to only show N) . I was thinking in something like field collapsing/grouping but only for
the documents that match my $type1query parameter (host:wikipedia) but I don't see any way
of doing grouping/collapsing on only one group and leave the other results untouched. 

I although thought on using 2 groups using group.query=host:wikipedia and group.query=-host:wikipedia,
but in this case there is no way of controlling how much documents each independently group
will have.

In this particular case QueryElevationComponent it's not helping because I don't want to map
all the posible queries I just want to put the some of the results from a certain host in
the top of the list, but without boosting all the documents from the same host.

Any thoughts or recommendations on this? 

Thank you,


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