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From E S J <>
Subject Re: To understand SolrCloud configurations
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2014 03:09:56 GMT
Thanks, I thought only option is default or schemaless because , When we
run bin/solr -e cloud you will get prompt like ,

To begin, how many Solr nodes would you like to run in your local cluster?
(specify 1-4 nodes) [2] 3
Ok, let's start up 3 Solr nodes for your example SolrCloud cluster.

Please enter the port for node1 [8983]
Please enter the port for node2 [7574]
Please enter the port for node3 [8984]
Cloning /home/j2ee/solr-4.10.2/example into /home/j2ee/solr-4.10.2/node1
Cloning /home/j2ee/solr-4.10.2/example into /home/j2ee/solr-4.10.2/node2
Cloning /home/j2ee/solr-4.10.2/example into /home/j2ee/solr-4.10.2/node3

Starting up SolrCloud node1 on port 8983 using command:

solr start -cloud -d node1 -p 8983

Waiting to see Solr listening on port 8983 [\]
Started Solr server on port 8983 (pid=29712). Happy searching!

Starting node2 on port 7574 using command:

solr start -cloud -d node2 -p 7574 -z localhost:9983

Waiting to see Solr listening on port 7574 [\]
Started Solr server on port 7574 (pid=29935). Happy searching!

Starting node3 on port 8984 using command:

solr start -cloud -d node3 -p 8984 -z localhost:9983

Waiting to see Solr listening on port 8984 [\]
Started Solr server on port 8984 (pid=30559). Happy searching!

Now let's create a new collection for indexing documents in your 3-node

Please provide a name for your new collection: [gettingstarted]
How many shards would you like to split gettingstarted into? [2] 3
How many replicas per shard would you like to create? [2] 3
*Please choose a configuration for the gettingstarted collection, available
options are: default or schemaless [default]*

On 12 December 2014 at 16:03, Shawn Heisey <> wrote:
> On 12/11/2014 6:31 PM, E S J wrote:
> > Thanks Eric, I understand your explanation.
> > Quick question, Are configurations sits under /configs/defaults because
> > -configname specified as default when I execute the following command?
> Can
> > I specify -configname as /c-ins/
> >
> > -zkhost zoo1.internal:2183,zoo2.internal:2183,zoo3.internal:2183
> > -cmd upconfig -confdir <solr-home>/collection1/conf -confname default
> >
> > Also I noticed that available options for -configname is default or
> > schemaless, that is why I specified as default.
> The confname can be anything you want it to be.  You should not include
> any slash characters in it, though ... make it c-ins, not /c-ins/.
> Where do you see information telling you it can be default or
> schemaless?  That sounds completely wrong to me, so I'd like to know
> what needs to be fixed.
> Here's part of what zkcli itself says if you run it with no options:
>  -n,--confname <arg>     for upconfig, linkconfig: name of the config set
> Thanks,
> Shawn

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