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From Gili Nachum <>
Subject Inconsistent doc value across two nodes - very simple test - what's the expected behavior?
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2014 13:22:17 GMT
I know Solr CAP properties are CP, but I don't see it happening over a very
basic test - doing something wrong?

With two Solr nodes, I index doc1 to both, stop node2, update doc1, stop
node1, start node2, start node1, and I get two different versions of the
doc depending on which replica I query.
I would expect node2 to update to itself.
Attaching Solr logs from both nodes.

Solr 4.7.2 / Jetty.
SoldCloud on two nodes, and  3 ZK, all running in localhost.
single collection: single shard with two replicas.

start node1
start node2
Cluster state: node1 leader. node2 active.

index value 'A' (id="change me").
query and expect 'A' -> success

Stop node2
Cluster state: node1 leader. node2 gone.
query and expect 'A' -> success

Update document value from 'A'->'B'
query and expect 'B' -> success

Stop node1
Start node2.
Cluster state: node1 gone. node2 down.

*    104510 [coreZkRegister-1-thread-1] INFO Waiting until we see more
replicas up for shard shard1: total=2 found=1 timeoutin=5.27665925E14ms*

wait 3m.

*    184679 [coreZkRegister-1-thread-1] INFO  I am the new leader:
shard1    *
Cluster state: node1 gone. node2 leader.

query and expect 'A' (old value) -> success

start node1
Cluster state: node1 actove. node2 leader.

*Inconsistency: *
*    Querying node1 always returns 'B'. *
*    Querying node1 always returns 'A'. *

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