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From Michael Sokolov <>
Subject Re: Q: Does anybody asks/answer Solr questions on Stack Overflow? Why?
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2014 19:41:36 GMT
Alex, I spent some time answering questions there, but got ultimately 
got turned off by the competitive nature of it. I wanted to increase my 
score -- fun! But if you are not watching it all the time, the questions 
go by very fast, and you lose your edge.  The typical pattern seems to 
be: so-so answer gets selected as correct, and then the really good 
thoughtful answer comes along later. Not to say I don't value it, but it 
seems to demand a kind of intensity of effort that I didn't have time 
for -- it's much easier to find good answers there than it is to find 
good questions.


On 12/09/2014 02:03 PM, Alexandre Rafalovitch wrote:
> Hello,
> This is an informal survey trying to understand the community
> participation patterns.
> Most of the non-interactive Solr information-gathering activity is
> happening on Google/Bing/DDG/Yandex/etc. That's probably very common,
> though I'd love to see Google Analytics stats from websites with large
> collection of Solr articles. I'd be happy to share mine in exchange.
> Most of the interactive Solr discussion activity happens on this list.
> Which is great. There are real experts hanging around and popping out
> of shadows when the need comes. I owe my first book's success to this
> community's willingness to answer my incomprehensible questions.
> But there is also Stack Overflow. Which some people ask questions at
> and - even smaller number of people - answer. I answer SO questions
> (2^8 as of today), but don't ask there.
> But I am curious about other peoples' experiences with SO. Do you ask
> questions in that forum? Do you answer? Why? How do you compare that
> "support channel" with this one? Did you migrate from one to another?
> Private replies are welcome, though I suspect this topic might be
> interesting for public discussion too.
> Regards,
>     Alex.
> P.s. This is related to my next Solr book, if somebody is really
> confused right now.
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