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From Michael Sokolov <>
Subject Re: Best practice: Autosuggest/autocomplete vs. "real search"
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2014 13:37:25 GMT
The goal is to ensure that suggestions from autocomplete are actually 
terms in the main index, so that the suggestions will actually result in 
matches.  You've considered expanding the main index by adding the 
suggestion n-grams to it, but it would probably be better to alter your 
suggester so that it produces only tokens that are in the main index.  I 
think this is basically how all the Suggester implementations are 
designed to work already; are you using one of those, or are you using 
the TermsComponent, or something else?


On 11/10/14 2:54 AM, Thomas Michael Engelke wrote:
>   We're using Solr as a backend for an ECommerce site/system. The Solr
> index stores products with selected attributes, as well as a dedicated
> field for autocomplete suggestions (Done via AJAX request when typing in
> the search box without pressing return).
> The autosuggest field is supplied by copyField directives from certain
> select product attribute fields (description and/or name mostly). It
> uses EdgeNGramFilterFactory to complete words not yet typed completely,
> and it works quite well.
> However, we come across an issue with a disconnect between the
> autosuggest results and results of a "normal search", that is, a query
> over the full fields of the product. Let's say there are products that
> are called "motor".
> - When autosuggesting, typing "mot" autosuggests all products with
> "motor", because the EdgeNGram created "m", "mo", "mot", "moto" and
> "motor", respectively, and it matches.
> - When searching for "mot", however (i.e. pressing enter when seeing the
> autosuggestions), it doesn't find any products. The autosuggest field is
> not part of the "real" search, and no product attribute contains "mot"
> as a word.
> One obvious solution would be to incorporate the "autosuggest" field
> into the "real" search, however, this adds many tokens to the index that
> aren't really part of the products indexed and makes for strange search
> results, for example when an NGram is also a word, but the record itself
> does contain the search term only as part of a word.
> Are there clever solutions to this problem?

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