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From Alexandre Rafalovitch <>
Subject Re: javascript form data save to XML in server side
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2014 23:59:44 GMT
There is a couple of issues with what you are saying here:
1) You should not be exposing Solr directly to the internet. They
would be able to delete all your records and do other damage. /browse
endpoint is there to show-off what Solr can do, not to be used in
2) Solr is Java, it does not run PHP. You can write a custom handler
in Java, but you probably don't want to start your programming career
from that (too hard). Or you can run Javascript to post back to Solr,
but that still requires Solr to be publicly accessible - see 1)
3) If you don't care what language you are using and just want a nice
UI that's backed by Solr, you could look at Spring Boot which has
Spring Data integration with Solr.
4) Or you might be looking at a content management system that
integrates Solr, such as Typo3 (which is PHP)

So, you need to step back and think a bit harder about what you are
trying to do.

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On 20 October 2014 16:54, LongY <> wrote:
> hello list,
> The functionality I would like to add the the existing /browse request
> handler is using a user interface (e.g.,webform) to collect the user's
> input.
> My approach is add a javascript form into the velocity template, below is
> the code I added to the velocity
> template(for example):
> <form id="myForm", action="ProcessData.php">
>   First name: <input type="text" name="fname" value=""><br>
>   Last name: <input type="text" name="lname" value=""><br>
> </form>
> And I am using this ProcessData.php to process the user input to generate a
> XML in the server.
> My question is
> 1) how to make solr to run this ProcessData.php? It seems solr does not
> support php?
> 2) Where is this ProcessData.php going to be placed in the solr directory?
> I am a newbie in web programming. I tried very hard to catch up with it.
> Thank you.
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