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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Changed behavior in solr 4 ??
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2014 21:57:10 GMT

: Thanks for the response, yes the way you describe I know it works and is 
: how I get it to work but then what does mean the snippet of the 
: documentation I see on the documentation about overriding the default 

It means that there is implicitly a set of search components that have 
default behavior, and there is an implicit list of component *names* 
used by default by SearchHandler -- and if you override one of those 
implicit searchComponent instances by declaring your own with the same 
name, then it will be used by default in SerachHandler.

a very concrete example of this is HighlightComponent -- if you have no 
HighlightComponent declared in your solrconfig.xml, then an implicit 
instance exists with the name "highlight"  and SearchHandler by default 
includes that component.

If you want to declare your own HighlightComponent instance with special 
initialization logic, you can either declare it with it's own unique name, 
and edit the "components" list on a SerachHandler declatarion to include 
that name, or you can just name it "highlight" and it will override the 
default instance -- this is in fact done in the example solrconfig.xml 
(grep for "HighlightComponent")

: components shipped with Solr? Even on the book Solr in Action in chapter 
: 7 listing 7.3 I saw something similar to what I wanted to do:
: <searchComponent name="query" class="solr.QueryComponent">
:   <lst name="invariants">

That appears to be a mistake in Solr in Action ... the QueryComponent 
class does nothing with it's "init" params (the nested XML inside the 
searchComponent declaration) so that syntax does nothing.


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