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From Timothy Potter <>
Subject Re: Changed behavior in solr 4 ??
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2014 21:59:21 GMT
Indeed - Hoss is correct ... it's a problem with the example in the
book ... my apologies for the confusion!

On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 3:57 PM, Chris Hostetter
<> wrote:
> : Thanks for the response, yes the way you describe I know it works and is
> : how I get it to work but then what does mean the snippet of the
> : documentation I see on the documentation about overriding the default
> It means that there is implicitly a set of search components that have
> default behavior, and there is an implicit list of component *names*
> used by default by SearchHandler -- and if you override one of those
> implicit searchComponent instances by declaring your own with the same
> name, then it will be used by default in SerachHandler.
> a very concrete example of this is HighlightComponent -- if you have no
> HighlightComponent declared in your solrconfig.xml, then an implicit
> instance exists with the name "highlight"  and SearchHandler by default
> includes that component.
> If you want to declare your own HighlightComponent instance with special
> initialization logic, you can either declare it with it's own unique name,
> and edit the "components" list on a SerachHandler declatarion to include
> that name, or you can just name it "highlight" and it will override the
> default instance -- this is in fact done in the example solrconfig.xml
> (grep for "HighlightComponent")
> : components shipped with Solr? Even on the book Solr in Action in chapter
> : 7 listing 7.3 I saw something similar to what I wanted to do:
> :
> : <searchComponent name="query" class="solr.QueryComponent">
> :   <lst name="invariants">
>         ...
> That appears to be a mistake in Solr in Action ... the QueryComponent
> class does nothing with it's "init" params (the nested XML inside the
> searchComponent declaration) so that syntax does nothing.
> -Hoss

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