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From Walter Underwood <>
Subject Re: Fatal full GC
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2014 15:00:02 GMT
I agree about the 80Gb heap as a possible problem.

A GC is essentially a linear scan of memory. More memory means a longer scan.

We run with an 8Gb heap. I’d try that. Test it by replaying logs from production against
a test instance. You can use JMeter and the Apache access log sampler.

Walter Underwood

On Sep 12, 2014, at 7:10 AM, Shawn Heisey <> wrote:

> On 9/12/2014 7:36 AM, YouPeng Yang wrote:
>> We build the SolrCloud using solr4.6.0 and jdk1.7.60 ,our cluster contains
>> 360G*3 data(one core with 2 replica).
>>  Our cluster becomes unstable which means occasionlly it comes out long
>> time full gc.This is awful,the full gc take long take that the solrcloud
>> consider it as down.
>>  Normally full gc happens when the Old Generaion  get 70%,and it is
>> OK.However In the awfull condition,the percentage is highly above 70% ,and
>> become  99% so that the long full gc happens,and the node is considered as
>> down.
>>   We set he JVM parameters referring to the URL
>> :*
>> <>*, the only difference
>> is that we change the *-Xms48009m -Xmx48009m* to *-Xms49152M -Xmx81920M* .
>>  The appendix[1]  is the output of the jstat when the awful full gc
>> happens.I have marked  the important port with red font hoping to be
>> helpful.
>>   By the way,I have notice that Eden part of Young Generation takes 100%
>> always during the awful condition happens,which I think it is a import
>> indication.
>>  The SolrCloud will be used to support our applications as a very
>> important part.
>>  Would you please give me any suggestion? Do I need to change the JDK
>> version?
> My GC parameter page is getting around. :)
> Do you really need an 80GB heap?  I realize that your index is 360GB ...
> but if you really do need a heap that large, you may need to adjust your
> configuration so you use a lot less heap memory.
> The red font you mentioned did not make it through, so I cannot tell
> what lines you highlighted.
> I pulled your jstat output into a spreadsheet and calculated the length
> of each GC.  The longest GC in there took 1.903 seconds.  It's the one
> that had a GCT of 4450.332.  For an 80GB heap, you couldn't hope for
> anything better.  Based on what I see here, I don't think GC is your
> problem.  If I read the other numbers on that 1.903 second GC line
> correctly (not sure that I am), it dropped your Eden size from 100% to
> 0% ... suggesting that you really don't need an 80GB heap.
> How much RAM does this machine have?  For ideal performance, you'll need
> your index size plus your heap size, which for you right now is 440 GB. 
> Normally you don't need the ideal memory size ... but you do need a
> *significant* portion of it.  I don't think I'd try running this index
> with less than 256GB of RAM, and that's assuming a much lower heap size
> than 80GB.
> Here's some general info about performance problems and possible solutions:
> Thanks,
> Shawn

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