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From Andreas Hubold <>
Subject dismax query does not match with additional field in qf
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2014 15:14:29 GMT

I ran into a problem with the Solr dismax query parser. We're using Solr 
4.10.0 and the field types mentioned below are taken from the example 

In a test we have a document with rather strange content in a field 
named "name_tokenized" of type "text_general":

abc_<iframe src='loadLocale.js' onload='javascript:document.XSSed="name"' width=0 height=0>

(It's a test for XSS bug detection, but that doesn't matter here.)

I can find the document when I use the following dismax query with qf 
set to field "name_tokenized" only:


If I submit exactly the same query but add another field "feederstate" 
to the qf parameter, I don't get any results anymore. The field is of 
type "string".


The decoded value of q is: abc_<iframe src='loadLocale.js' 
onload='javascript:document.XSSed="name"' and it seems the trailing 
single-quote causes problems here. (In fact, I can find the document 
when I remove the last char)
The parsed query for the latter case is

     DisjunctionMaxQuery((feederstate:abc_<iframe | ((name_tokenized:abc_ name_tokenized:iframe)^2.0))~0.1)
     DisjunctionMaxQuery((feederstate:src='loadLocale.js' | ((name_tokenized:src name_tokenized:loadlocale.js)^2.0))~0.1)
     DisjunctionMaxQuery((feederstate:onload='javascript:document.XSSed= | ((name_tokenized:onload
     DisjunctionMaxQuery((feederstate:name | name_tokenized:name^2.0)~0.1)

   DisjunctionMaxQuery((textbody:"abc_ iframe src loadlocale.js onload javascript:document.xssed
name" | name_tokenized:"abc_ iframe src loadlocale.js onload javascript:document.xssed name"^2.0)~0.1)

I've configured the handler with <str name="mm">100%</str> so that all 
of the 5 dismax queries at the top must match. But this one does not match:


I'd expect that an additional field in the qf parameter would not lead 
to fewer matches.
Okay, the above example is a rather crude test but I'd like to 
understand it. Is this a bug in Solr?

I've also found which 
sounds somewhat similar.


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