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From Nathan Neulinger <>
Subject Re: problem with replication/solrcloud - getting 'missing required field' during update intermittently (SOLR-6251)
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2014 02:20:23 GMT
FYI. We finally tracked down the problem.... at least 99.9% sure at this point, and it was
staring me in the face the 
whole time - just never noticed:

[{"id":"4b2c4d09-31e2-4fe2-b767-3868efbdcda1","channel": {"add": "preet"},"channel": {"add":

Look at the JSON... It's trying to add two "channel" array elements... Should have been:

[{"id":"4b2c4d09-31e2-4fe2-b767-3868efbdcda1","channel": {"add": "preet"}},
  {"id":"4b2c4d09-31e2-4fe2-b767-3868efbdcda1","channel": {"add": "adam"}}]

I half wonder how it chose to interpret that particular chunk of json, but either way, I think
the origin of our issue 
is resolved.

 From what I'm reading on JSON - this isn't valid syntax at all. I'm guessing that SOLR doesn't
actually validate the 
JSON, and it's parser is just creating something weird in that situation like a new request
for a whole new document.

-- Nathan

On 07/15/2014 07:19 PM, Nathan Neulinger wrote:
> Issue was closed in Jira requesting it be discussed here first. Looking for any diagnostic
assistance on this issue with
> 4.8.0 since it is intermittent and occurs without warning.
> Setup is two nodes, with external zk ensemble. Nodes are accessed round-robin on EC2
behind an ELB.
> Schema has:
> <schema name="hive" version="1.5">
> ...
>     <field name="timestamp" type="long" indexed="false" stored="true" required="true"
> omitNorms="true" />
> ...
> Most of the updates are working without issue, but randomly we'll get the above failure,
even though searches before and
> after the update clearly indicate that the document had the timestamp field in it. The
error occurs when the second node
> does it's distrib operation against the first node.
> Diagnostic details are all in the jira issue. Can provide more as needed, but would appreciate
any suggestions on what
> to try or to help diagnose this other than just trying to throw thousands of requests
at it in round-robin between the
> two instances to see if it's possible to reproduce the issue.
> -- Nathan
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Nathan Neulinger             
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