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From Nathan Neulinger <>
Subject problem with replication/solrcloud - getting 'missing required field' during update intermittently (SOLR-6251)
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2014 00:19:59 GMT
Issue was closed in Jira requesting it be discussed here first. Looking for any diagnostic
assistance on this issue with 
4.8.0 since it is intermittent and occurs without warning.

Setup is two nodes, with external zk ensemble. Nodes are accessed round-robin on EC2 behind
an ELB.

Schema has:

<schema name="hive" version="1.5">
    <field name="timestamp" type="long" indexed="false" stored="true" required="true" multiValued="false"

omitNorms="true" />

Most of the updates are working without issue, but randomly we'll get the above failure, even
though searches before and 
after the update clearly indicate that the document had the timestamp field in it. The error
occurs when the second node 
does it's distrib operation against the first node.

Diagnostic details are all in the jira issue. Can provide more as needed, but would appreciate
any suggestions on what 
to try or to help diagnose this other than just trying to throw thousands of requests at it
in round-robin between the 
two instances to see if it's possible to reproduce the issue.

-- Nathan

Nathan Neulinger             
Neulinger Consulting                   (573) 612-1412

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