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From Darrell Burgan <>
Subject RE: Physical Files v. Reported Index Size
Date Sun, 11 May 2014 04:46:15 GMT
Perfect - thanks for the information!

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From: Shawn Heisey [] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2014 7:15 PM
Subject: Re: Physical Files v. Reported Index Size

On 5/6/2014 9:34 PM, Darrell Burgan wrote:
> Hello all, I'm trying to reconcile what I'm seeing in the file system 
> for a Solr index versus what it is reporting in the UI. Here's what I 
> see in the UI for the index:
> As shown, the index is 74.85 GB in size. However, here is what I see 
> in the data folder of the file system on that server:
> As shown, it is consuming 109 GB of space. Also note that one of the 
> index folders is 75 GB in size.

The Lucene class that gets the index size only knows about the live index. The transaction
log and any other copies of the index are invisible to it.

The additional index copies are probably either from running the backup option on the replication
handler, or from replications that didn't work right for some reason. If you were running
a newer version of Solr, you would be able to see the index directory in use by the core right
on the core overview. See the "Instance" section in the upper right corner of this screenshot
from Solr 4.7.2:

Based on the index size, I think we can figure out which index.nnnnnnnn directory you should
NOT delete - the one that's 75GB. You can ask the admin UI to tell you exactly which directory
is in use, though. Go to Plugins/Stats, CORE, then open "reader" ... you should end up at
a page like the following. The "readerDir" value will have the actual path that you need to


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