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From "Shawn Heisey" <>
Subject Re: distrib=false is not honoring
Date Thu, 15 May 2014 13:39:24 GMT
> The q.alt param specifies only the parameter to use if the q parameter is
> missing. Could you verify whether that is really the case? Typically
> solrconfig gives a default of "*:*" for the q parameter. Specifying a
> query
> via the q.alt parameter seems like a strange approach - what is your
> rationale?

As the author of a book about Solr, I'm sure you already know these
things. For everyone else:

The qt parameter only gets used if the handleSelect value on the request
dispatcher configuration is true. When that is set, it chooses a request
handler by name. This configuration value defaults to false since version
3.6, so that you can't use the /select handler to do other things, like

The q.alt parameter is applicable only to the dismax and edismax query
parsers, and specifies the query to send to the standard query parser if
the q parameter is blank or missing. It's most often defined as *:* to get
all docs. The *:* value doesn't have any special meaning to the dismax


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