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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re:Solr 4.7.0 - cursorMark question
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2014 00:05:11 GMT

: At the end of the linked doco there is an example that doesn't make sense
: to me, because it mentions "sort=timestamp asc" and is then followed by
: pseudo code that sorts by id only. I understand that cursorMark requires

Ok ... 2 things contributing to the confusion.

1) the para that refers to "sort=timestamp asc" should be fixed to include 
"id" as well.

2) psuedo-code you're refering to that uses "sort => 'id asc'" isn't ment 
to give an example of specifically tailing by timestamp -- it's an 
extension on the earlier example (of fetching all docs sorting on id) to 
show "tailing" new docs with new (increasing) ids ... i'll try to fix the 
wording to better elborate

: that "sort clauses must include the uniqueKey field", but is it really just
: 'include', or is it the only field that sort can be performed on?
: ie. can sort be specified as 'sort=timestamp asc, id asc'?

That will absolutely work ... i'll update the doc to include more examples 
with multi-clause sort criteria.

: I am assuming that if the index is changed between requests than we can
: still 'miss' or duplicate documents by not sorting on the id as the only
: sort parameter, but I can live with that scenario. cursorMark is still

If you are using a timestamp param, you should never "miss" a document 
(assuming every doc gets a timestamp) but yes: you can absolutely get the 
same doc twice if it's updated after the first time you fetch it -- that's 
one of the advantages of sorting on a timestamp field like that.


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