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Subject Min Number Should Match (mm) and joins
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2014 13:19:19 GMT

I'm using eDisMax to do scoring for my search results.
I have a nested structure of documents. The main (parent) document  
with meta data and the child documents with fulltext content. So I  
have to join them.

My qf looks like this "title^40.0 subtitle^40.0 original_title^10.0  
keywords^5.0" and my query like this:

test _query_:"{!join from=doc_id to=id}{!dismax qf='content content_de  
content_en content_fr content_it content_es' v='test'}"^5

If I use the mm attribute for example with sth like this "2<-25%" I  
get all results where the term "test" was found in the meta data of  
the main document. My problem now: I have documents where the  
searchterm is not in the meta data of the main document, but in the  
fulltext content of the child document. If I use mm, these results are  
never shown, if the term is not in the main document. If I don't use  
mm at all, I get strange results with documents who doesn't contain  
the term at all.

Is there a solution for this problem?

- Moritz

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