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From Allan Carroll <>
Subject Slow 95th-percentile
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2014 01:12:10 GMT
Hi all,

I'm having trouble getting my Solr setup to get consistent performance. Average select latency
is great, but 95% is dismal (10x average). It's probably something slightly misconfigured.
I’ve seen it have nice, low variance latencies for a few hours here and there, but can’t
figure out what’s different during those times.

* I’m running 4.1.0 using SolrCloud. 3 replicas of 1 shard on 3 EC2 boxes (8proc, 30GB RAM,
SSDs). Load peaks around 30 selects per second and about 150 updates per second. 

* The index has about 11GB of data in 14M docs, the other 10MB of data in 3K docs. Stays around
30 segments.

* Soft commits after 10 seconds, hard commits after 120 seconds. Though, turning off the update
traffic doesn’t seem to have any affect on the select latencies.

* I think GC latency is low. Running 3GB heaps with 1G new size. GC time is around 3ms per

Here’s a typical select query:

fl=*,sortScore:textScore&sort=textScore desc&start=0&q=text:(("soccer" OR "MLS"
OR "premier league" OR "FIFA" OR "world cup") OR ("sorority" OR "fraternity" OR "greek life"
OR "dorm" OR "campus"))&wt=json&fq=startTime:[1392656400000 TO 1392717540000]&fq={!frange
l=2 u=3}timeflag(startTime)&fq={!frange l=1392656400000 u=1392695940000 cache=false}timefix(startTime,-21600000)&fq=privacy:OPEN&defType=edismax&rows=131

Anyone have any suggestions on where to look next? Or, if you know someone in the bay area
that would consult for an hour or two and help me track it down, that’d be great too.


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