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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Optimize and replication: some questions battery.
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2014 17:00:52 GMT

: I've got an scenario where I index very frequently on master servers and
: replicate to slave servers with one minute polling. Master indexes are
: growing fast and I would like to optimize indexes to improve search
: queries. However...

For a scenerio where your index is changing that rapidly, you don't wnat 
to use the optimize command at all -- it's not going to improve the 
performance of anything...

You may want to optimize an index in certain situations -- ie: if you 
build your index once, and then never modify it.

If you have a rapidly changing index, rather than optimizing, you likely 
simply want to use a lower merge factor. Optimizing is very expensive, and 
if the index is constantly changing, the slight performance boost will not 
last long. The tradeoff is not often worth it for a non static index.

In a master slave setup, sometimes you may also want to optimize on the 
master so that slaves serve from a single segment index. This will can 
greatly increase the time to replicate the index though, so this is often 
not desirable either. 


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