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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: Copying Index
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2014 14:14:02 GMT
OK, probably this is what's happening: There's no event that causes
the slave to say "Oh, my index is out of date". This assumes (and I
haven't checked) that you have the same number of segments etc.
after the upgrade to 4x format.

So when you update a doc, that registers a "change event" that the
slave recognizes as a changed index and pulls the doc down as part
of a new segment.

So I posit that eventually the entire index will be replicated in the new
format as the segments get merged.

You can probably force this by doing an optimize on the master.

WARNING: This is theoretical, I'm not saying this from deep understanding
of the replication code, but it seems like a good story.


On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 8:09 AM, anand chandak <> wrote:
> Erick
> My apologies,if I was rushing. Yes its' an old style master/slave
> replication. I was going through solr logs, but don't see any errors as
> such.  The slave are correctly configured and pointing to master correctly,
> one thing I noted is on creating any new document to the master, its getting
> replicated correctly to the slave, but the old index that I copied and
> upgraded to 4.x format, that's not getting replicated, I also ran the
> checkIndex -f utility, don't see any issue there too
> Thanks,
> Anand
> On 1/10/2014 6:30 PM, Erick Erickson wrote:
>> You have to be a bit patient. Folks in the US, at least, are barely awake
>> yet.
>> We are not a paid-support helpdesk...
>> On to your problem. You haven't given enough information to say much. for
>> instance, what do you mean by "replication"? Old-style master/slave
>> replication?
>> Do you see any errors in your logs? Or any attempt on the part of the
>> slave
>> (assuming M/S replication) to replicate? What is the state of your
>> slave that you
>> expect it to replicate? How are your slaves configured? Are they pointing
>> to the
>> master properly?
>> If you're in SolrCloud mode, then it's a different story.
>> You might review:
>> Best,
>> Erick
>> On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 6:59 AM, anand chandak <>
>> wrote:
>>>   Folks, any response to below query would be highly appreciated
>>> Thanks,
>>> Anand
>>> On 1/10/2014 11:04 AM, anand chandak wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I am testing replication feature of solr 4.x  with large index,
>>>> unfortunately, that index that we had was 3.x format. So to conver that
>>>> into
>>>> 4.x I copied (file system copy) the index and then ran the
>>>> upgradeindexer
>>>> utility to convert it to 4.x format. The utility did, what it is suppose
>>>> to
>>>> do and I had  4.x index (verified it with checkindex). However, now when
>>>> I
>>>> am replicating, the upgraded index is not getting replicated, I don't
>>>> see
>>>> any errors in the log file too ? If somebody can throw some light on
>>>> what
>>>> could be issue here ?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Anand

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