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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: installing a 3rd party index
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2013 23:44:24 GMT

: Has anyone tried to take an index generated elsewhere and install it in a
: core? I have done that and I can see all the documents if I do "q=*:*" but
: I can't actually query any of the fields even though I added the field
: names to schema

that combination (docs are clearly visible when doing a serach for *:* but 
no results when you try to query on specific fields) screams out an 
obvious explanation: the schema.xml you have created is not consistent 
with the schema.xml used to create the index.  

Trying to manually "guess" what the schema should be, and manually 
creating a schema.xml based on an index you "found" is border line 
impossible (if you were really familiar with Solr you could probably 
stumble your way through and figure out a decent chunk of stuff, but for a 
novice it would be a nightmare) 

just because you know that the index has a *stored* field named 
"doc_title" doesn't mean you know wether that field was *indexed*, or what 
kind of FieldTYpe/Analyzer was used when it was indexed.

However: if you have the schema.xml from the Solr server that created the 
index, (or a copy of the code that created the index if it was made w/o 
SOlr using low level Lucene method calls) then you should have everything 
you need.


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