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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Sharding and replicas (Solr Cloud)
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2013 23:58:11 GMT
On 11/7/2013 4:34 PM, Software Dev wrote:
> I too want to be in control of everything that is created.
> Here is what I'm trying to do.
> 1) Start up a cluster of 5 Solr Instances
> 2) Import the configuration to Zookeeper
> 3) Manually create a collection via the collections api with number of
> shards and replication factor
> Now there are some issues with step 3. After creating the collection reload
> the GUI I always see:
>     - *collection1:*
>     Could not find configName for collection collection1 found:null
> until I restart the cluster. Is there a way around this?
> Also after creating the collection it creates a directory in
> $SOLR_HOME/home. So in this example it created
> ${SOLR_HOME}/collection1_shard1_replica1 and
> ${SOLR_HOME}/collection1_shard1_replica2. What happens when I rename both
> of these to the same in the core admin?

Don't rename the cores.  That is a feature that's been around forever, 
but many of the core-level operations (like renaming and swapping) will 
break SolrCloud.  Why do you want to rename them?

How many Solr servers (or virtual machines) do you have, how many Solr 
instances are running on each server, and what was the exact collections 
API URL that you called, with all the parameters that you used?  You 
should never end up with two replicas of the same shard on the same Solr 
instance unless something is done incorrectly or goes very wrong.


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