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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: weak documents
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2013 08:58:44 GMT

our experience with is that evaluating what I call the "related documents" is
a procedure that needs access to the complete content and thus is run at the DB level and
no thte sold-level.

For example, if a user changes a part of its name, we need to reindex all of his resources.
Sure we could try to run a solr query for this, and maybe add index fields for it, but we
felt it better to run this on the index-trigger side, the thing in our (XWiki) wiki which
listens to changes and requests the reindexing of a few documents (including deletions).

For the maintenance operation, the same issue has appeared.
So, if the indexer or listener or solr has been down for a few minutes or hours, we'd need
to reindex not only all changed documents but all changed documents and their related documents.

If you are able to work through your solution that would be solr-only,  to write down all
depends-on at index time, it means you would index-update all "inverse related" documents
every time that changes. For the relation above (documents of a user), it means the user documents
needs reindexing every time a new document is added. I wonder if this makes a scale difference.


Le 27 nov. 2013 à 09:13, Thomas Scheffler <> a écrit :

> Hi,
> I am relatively new to SOLR and I am looking for a neat way to implement weak documents
with SOLR.
> Whenever a document is updated or deleted all it's dependent documents should be removed
from the index. In other words they exist as long as the document exist they refer to when
they were indexed - in that specific version. On "update" they will be indexed after their
master document.
> I could like to have some kind of "dependsOn" field that carries the uniqueKey value
of the master document.
> Can this be done efficiently with SOLR?
> I need this technique because on update and on delete I don't know how many dependent
documents exists in the SOLR index. Especially for batch index processes, I need a more efficient
way than query before every update or delete.
> kind regards,
> Thomas

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