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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Reclaiming disk space from (large, optimized) segments
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2013 22:11:47 GMT

I didn't dig into the details of your mail too much, but a few things 
jumped out at me...

: - At some time in the past, a manual force merge / optimize with
: maxSegments=2 was run to troubleshoot high disk i/o and remove "too many

Have you tried a simple commit using expungeDeletes=true?  It should be a 
little less intensive then a optimizing.  (under the covers it does 

: - Merge policies are all at Solr 4 defaults. Index size is currently ~50M
: maxDocs, ~35M numDocs, 276GB.

"Solr 4 defaults" is way to vague to be meaningful: 4.0? 4.1? ... 4.4? 

Do you mean you are using the example configs that came with that version 
of Solr, or do you mean you have no mergePolicy configured and you are 
getting the hardcoded defaults? .. either way it's important to specify 
exactly which version of Solr are you running and exactly what does your 
entire <indexConfig/> section looks like since both the example configs 
and the hardcoded default behavior when configs aren't specified have 
evolved since 4.0-ALPHA.


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