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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Post filter cache question
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2013 21:44:47 GMT

: Could it be a problem with my cache settings in solrconfig.xml (solr 3.1)
: or is my query wrong?

3.1? ouch ... PostFilter wasn't even added until 3.4... your spatial filter is definitely being applied to the entire index 
and then getting cached.

	. . .

Below is what i wrote before i saw that 3.4 comment at the end of your 

: If I run the same query but add a spatial filter with cost:
: q=*:*
: fl=adr_geopoint,adr_city,filterflags
: *fq=(filterflags:TopList) *
: pt=49.594,8.468
: sfield=adr_geopoint
: fq={!bbox d=30}
: fq={!frange l=15 u=30 *cache=false *cost=200}geodist()
: It takes over 3 seconds even though it should only scan around 3000
: documents from the first cached filter?

You've also added a "bbox" filter, which will be computed against the 
entire index and cached.

I'm not sure whta FieldType you are using, and i don't know a lot of the 
detials about hte spatial queries -- but things you should look into...

1) does the bbox gain you anything if you are already doing the geodist 
filter as a post filter?  (my hunch would be that the only point of a bbox 
fq is if you are *scoring* documents by distance and you want to ignore 
things beyond a set distance)

2) does {!bbox} support PostFilter on your FieldType? does 
adding "cache=false cost=150" to the bbox filter improve things?


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