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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Check if dynamic columns exists and query else ignore
Date Fri, 18 Oct 2013 19:02:15 GMT

: I trying to do this:
: if (US_offers_i exists):
:    fq=US_offers_i:[1 TO *]
: else:
:    fq=offers_count:[1 TO *]

"if()" and "exist()" are functions, so you would have to explicitly use 
in a function context (ie: {!func} parser, or {!frange} parser) and to use 
those nested queries inside of functions you'd need to use the "query()" 

but nothing about your problem description suggests that you really need 
to worry about this.

If a document doesn't contain the "US_offers_i" then US_offers_i:[1 TO *] 
won't match that document, and neither will US_offers_i:[* TO *] -- so you 
can implement the logic you describe with a simple query...

fq=(US_offers_i:[1 TO *] (offers_count:[1 TO *] -US_offers_i:[* TO *]))

Which you can read as "Match does with 1 or more US offers, or: docs that 
have 1 or more offers but no US offer field at all"

: Also, there is a heavy performance penalty for this condition? I am
: planning to use this for all my queries.

Any logic that you do at query time, which can be precomputed into a 
specific field in your index will *always* make the queries faster (at the 
expense of a little more time spent indexing and a little more disk used).  
If you know in advance that you are frequently going to want to ristrict 
on this type of logic, then unless you index docs more offten then you 
search docs, you should almost certainly index as "has_offers" boolean 
field that captures this logic.


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