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From Tim Vaillancourt <>
Subject Re: Skipping caches on a /select
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2013 21:18:21 GMT
Awesome, this make a lot of sense now. Thanks a lot guys.

Currently the only mention of this setting in the docs is under 
filterQuery on the "SolrCaching" page as:

"<!> Solr3.4 <> Adding the localParam 
flag of {!cache=false} to a query will prevent the filterCache from 
being consulted for that query. "

I will update the docs sometime soon to reflect that this can apply to 
any query (q or fq).



On 17/10/13 01:44 PM, Chris Hostetter wrote:
> : Does "cache=false" apply to all caches? The docs make it sound like it is for
> : filterCache only, but I could be misunderstanding.
> it's per *query* -- not per cache, or per request...
>   /select?q={!cache=true}foo&fq={!cache=false}bar&fq={!cache=true}baz
> ...should cause 1 lookup/insert in the filterCache (baz) and 1
> lookup/insert into the queryResultCache (for the main query with it's
> associated filters&  pagination)
> -Hoss

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