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From Tim Vaillancourt <>
Subject fq caching question
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2013 20:22:01 GMT
Hey guys,

Sorry for such a simple question, but I am curious as to the differences 
in caching between a "combined" filter query, and many separate filter 

Here are 2 example queries, one with combined fq, one separate:

1) "/select?q=*:*&fq=type:bid&fq=user_id:3"
2) "/select?q=*:*&fq=(type:bid%20AND%20user_id:3)"

For query #1: am I correct that the first query will keep 2 independent 
entries in the filterCache for type:bid and user_id:3?\
For query #2: is it correct that the 2nd query will keep 1 entry in the 
filterCache that satisfies all conditions?

Lastly, is it a fair statement that under general query patterns, many 
separate filter queries are more-cacheable than 1 combined one? Eg, if I 
performed query #2 (in the filterCache) and then changed the user_id, 
nothing about my new query is cache able, correct (but if I used 2 
separate filter queries than 1 of 2 is still cached)?


Tim Vaillancourt

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