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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Filter execution threw an exception
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2013 21:50:58 GMT
On 10/3/2013 3:12 PM, Brian Robinson wrote:
> I'm using PHP Pecl to create my index, and am getting an error that I
> can't figure out. I've pared my code down to the below. I've verified
> that the database query is pulling in data correctly, and the $solrDocs
> array has the expected number of items, but I'm getting an error thrown
> by the addDocuments method.


> and the error is "Filter execution threw an exception"

When starting a new discussion on a mailing list, please create a new 
message rather than replying to one that you have received.

I can show you a graphical example (with your specific message) of why 
this is a problem:

Now to address your actual email:

Can you please find the Solr log on your server (not the Logging tab in 
the admin UI) and give us the error message(s) that your update request 
generates?  Please include the entire stacktrace for each error, not 
just the first line or two.  We will also need to know the exact Solr 
version you are running.

There is one pecl solr bug that I know of, and as far as I know it's 
unresolved.  The last two messages on the bug (and the patch that goes 
with them) are mine:


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