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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Re-Ranking results based on DocValues with custom function.
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2013 16:28:41 GMT

: It basically allows for searching for text (which is associated to an
: image) in an index and then getting the distance to a sample image
: (base64 encoded byte[] array) based on one of five different low level
: content based features stored as DocValues.

very cool.

: So there one little tiny question I still have ;) When I'm trying to
: do a "sort" I'm getting
: "msg": "sort param could not be parsed as a query, and is not a field
: that exists in the index:
: lirefunc(cl_hi,FQY5DhMYDg0ODg0PEBEPDg4ODg8QEgsgEBAQEBAgEBAQEBA=)",
: for the call http://localhost:9000/solr/lire/select?q=*%3A*&sort=lirefunc(cl_hi%2CFQY5DhMYDg0ODg0PEBEPDg4ODg8QEgsgEBAQEBAgEBAQEBA%3D)+asc&fl=id%2Ctitle%2Clirefunc(cl_hi%2CFQY5DhMYDg0ODg0PEBEPDg4ODg8QEgsgEBAQEBAgEBAQEBA%3D)&wt=json&indent=true


i think the crux of the issue is your string literal.  function parsing 
tries to make live easy for you by not requiring string literals to be 
quoted unless they conflict with other function names or field names 
etc....  on top of that the sort parsing code is kind of hueristic based 
(because it has to account for both functions or field names or wildcards, 
followed by other sort clauses, etc...) so in that context the special 
characters like '=' in your base64 string literal might be confusing hte 

can you try to quote the string literal it and see if that works?

For example, when i try using strdist with your base64 string in a sort 
param using the example configs i get the same error...


but if i quote the string literal it works fine...



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