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Subject Re: solr cloud and DIH, indexation runs only on one shard.
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2013 14:56:28 GMT

It works

I've done what you said:
_ In my request to get list of documents, I add a where clause filtering on
the select getting the documents to index:
where noticebib.numnoticebib LIKE '%${dataimporter.request.suffixeNotice}'"
_ And I called my dih on each shard with the parameter suffixeNotice=2 or

Each shard indexed its part on the same time. (more or less 1000 do each

When I execute a select on the collection, I get more or less 2000

No my goad is to merge indexes, but that's another story.

Another possiblity would have been to play with rows and start parameters,
but it supooses 2 things
_ to know the number of documents
_ add an order by clause to make sure the subsets of document are disjoints
(and even in that case, I'm not completly sure, because the source database
can change....)

Thanks very much !!


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